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Due Dates

Assignment Due
Topic Friday 5/11/18
Five (5) Sources Tuesday 5/15/18
Fifteen (15) Note Cards Friday 5/18/18
Outline Tuesday 5/22/18
First Draft Thursday 5/24/18
Final Draft Tuesday 5/29/18


Over the past few months, we have read speeches, poems, short stories, and expository essays about different kinds of group exclusion and the ways in which “Othering” is linked to social injustice (up to and including genocide) and identity formation. For your final project, you will select a real-life example of group exclusion that we have not yet explored (i.e., you may not choose American segregation/Jim Crow laws, the Chinese Exclusion Act, discrimination against Vietnamese boat people, Japanese internment, the Holocaust, Trump immigration policy, #MeToo, or Hindu violence against Muslims -- a list of suggested topics will be provided, or you may see me to get approval for a topic not on the list). Using a minimum of five factual (non-fiction) sources, you will then write a research paper identifying the causes and effects of the “Othering” of your group. You will need to have a working NoodleTools account to organize your research -- your notes, citations, and outline will be checked and graded throughout the writing process.


If you have any questions, please see me for Extra Help or send me an e-mail.  Good luck!

Essay Format

Your essay must be:

  • 2-3 pages in length, not counting the bibliography or cover page
  • double-spaced
  • 12 point font
  • MLA style


  • Clear, original, arguable, one-sentence, three-pronged, underlined thesis statement in the first paragraph.
  • Use of at least one quotation, with a parenthetical reference per quotation, in each body paragraph.
  • Integration into the essay of research-based evidence that supports the thesis statement and conclusion.
  • Causes are correctly linked to effects.
  • Proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics, with a focus on gerunds and infinitives.



Directions: Select one of the following topics or choose a topic of your own.  EVERY STUDENT MUST WORK ON A DIFFERENT TOPIC -- i.e., no more than one student per topic!

Ms. LaRochelle has a sign up sheet that will tell you if your topic of choice is available.

The Spanish Inquisition

India’s “Untouchables”

The Great Kanto Earthquake and the Korean Massacre (Japan)

The exclusionary treatment of non-Muslims in Indonesia

The removal of mixed ethnicity Aboriginal children from their Aboriginal families (Australia)

The Trail of Tears (Cherokees in the USA)

Myanmar’s “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya Muslim minority

The tragedy of the MS St. Louis (a German ship that attempted to find homes for 900 Jewish refugees during the Holocaust -- and were denied entry into Cuba, the USA and Canada)

The persecution of “intellectuals” and other “class enemies” during the Cultural Revolution (PRC)

Xenophobic attacks on migrant workers in South Africa

The murder of Vincent Chen (USA)

Vermont Eugenics (inspired Hitler!)

Classism on the SS Titanic

“The 1899 Act” (declaring Ainu “former Aborigines” and placing all Ainu land under the control of the Japanese government)

Native American boarding schools (late 19th/early 20th century) designed with the purpose of “assimilating” Native Americans

Saudi Arabia’s “male guardianship” laws

Genocide of the Yazidi people in Iraq

“Comfort women” (Korean, Thai and Filipina women forced into sexual slavery in WWII  Japan)

Armenian genocide, 1915-1917

Apartheid (South Africa)

The genocidal murder of 800,000 Tutsis by ethnic Hutus in Rwanda (April 7, 1994)

Racism in the U.S. criminal justice system

Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military

Cambodian genocide (1975-1979)

Political and cultural discrimination against Irish Travellers

Discrimination against Roma in Eastern Europe

Expulsion of Asians from Uganda (August 1972)

Discrimination and violence against LGBT people in Ghana

Discrimination against indigenous peoples in Latin America