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Bill of Rights Project: Gordon: Rubric









Less than 50

Format:  4-5 paragraph essay, with I,S,C and all parts in place.  Footnotes are visible, bibliography is attached on a separate page ( at least two reliable sources); 12 font, double spaced and heading added.


Content:  Thesis address the topic; 1-2 specific facts are incorporated into each body paragraph of the essay and student made a good attempt to explain the ideas.


Skills reviewed:  Outline and bibliography are on-target with what we have learned; show mastery


Skill- new:  Footnotes;  good attempt to use footnotes.  At least two footnotes are used and citation appears to be accurate, Ibid used correctly as well.


Mechanics:  The errors made do not interrupt the flow and meaning of the text; attempt has been made to reduce amount of errors