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Bill of Rights Project: Gordon: Assignment

The Assignment

Constitution Essay- Outline due Tuesday, Nov 21; final due Thursday, Nov 30   


What role does the government have in society?  How well does the Constitution protect individual's rights?

Now that we have learned about the new government the Americans created and ratified in 1788, let’s analyze the role of in the Bill of Rights and its influence on the current issues of today.  You will write a 4-5 paragraph analytical essay evaluating this.  You will submit an outline first, then a final draft with a bibliography.  

Why are we doing this?  

  • To review how to write a thesis statement

  • To practice outlining and bibliography

  • To write an essay

  • To practice footnotes and library database use for research

Essay Topic:  Evaluate the influence of an amendment from the Bill of Rights in the lives of citizens today.

For the essay structure you need an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion:

I- Introduction: You will need a hook, background information on the topic and a thesis


S- Support:  These are your body paragraphs. Following the introduction you will need two to three body paragraphs, depending upon how many main ideas you have. In each you need to have a topic sentence, that often uses transitional phrases to link the preceding paragraph to the following paragraph. You will need a topic sentence that lets the reader know the main idea of your paragraph and 2-3 specific examples to support these main ideas.  You will need to explain how these facts support the main idea of your paragraph.  These facts can come from your textbook or from outside research. You need to limit your research to the library database. If you include a quote or paraphrase, you will need to footnote this and include a Bibliography.


Footnote help here for how to insert:  footnote in a google doc.

Footnote creation here:  how to write a footnote in Chicago style

C-Conclude: Following your body paragraphs, you will need a paragraph where you sum up your main points and leave the reader with a new idea about the topic.

Bibliography:  Chicago/Turabian Style with at least two sources (textbook can be one)


Resources:  Your textbook, notes, list of Bill of Rights and library database - you need two sources


What will I be looking for?

  • Heading, 12 font, double spaced (no title needed) and added to turn-it-in on due date

  • Essay structure- do you have all of the parts?

  • Evidence- do you include specific information that supports your main ideas? Do you explain what this evidence means?

  • Footnotes- do you make a good attempt at including these?

  • Research- did you use only library database, notes and textbook for your research?

  • Bibliography- how well can you apply this skill based on what we have learned so far?



Outline due Tuesday, Nov 21 for C and D Blocks, Tuesday, Nov 21 for I

Final Draft due Thursday, November 30







Topics for Research:

  • First Amendment - School Newspapers 
  • First Amendment - Violent Video games and age restrictions to minors
  • First Amendment - Executive Order of the Recent Travel Ban
  • Second Amendment - Gun Control
  • Fourth Amendment - Stop and Frisk
  • Fifth Amendment - Guantanamo Bay prison
  • Eighth Amendment - Death Penalty
  • Eighth Amendment - Prison to Pipeline